Who is the Ajanta Pharma and Ajanta Europe?

Ajanta Pharma is the renowned professional Indian pharmaceutical company has built up a reputation for quality generic products which are legally produced under licence in clean facilities in India. Ajanta Pharma’s products are used globally and include antibiotics as well as other commonly used medicine. Ajanta Pharma has built a very solid reputation with it’s line of erectile dysfunction medicines. Ajanta Europe Ltd. has an official export licence for pharmaceutical products and employs in-house doctors and pharmacists to ensure compliance with Indian law.

What is the guarantee of products quality?

All medicines are produced direct in Ajanta Pharma laboratories in environments with high tech batch control, sterilisation and traceability.

Trade Corporation Ajanta Europe Ltd. only supplies the highest quality medicines which are produced by Ajanta Pharma. All our medicines come directly from the manufacturer and are not distributed in any way.

There are a number of websites dispensing medicines which are fake. These medicines are copies of branded medicines and infringe trademarks & patents , and are often produced in unsafe environments. Fake medicines like this are usually ineffective and can be unsafe. Please rest assured that the medicines provided by Ajanta Europe are all legally produced and safe.

To which countries you are sending the goods?

We send the goods to all countries of the European Union.

Which types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via BANK WIRE TRANSFER.

Can I take Kamagra whilst taking?

It is your full responsibility to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment by the medicines provided by Ajanta Europe. When placing an order, you must acknowledge that you have discussed your condition and general health with your GP and that you are suitable for the medicines and treatments available on Ajanta Europe.

When placing an order, you also must agree that you are not taking any contraindicated medicines which could react dangerously with the medicines provided by Ajanta Europe.

It is your responsibility at to discuss your medical situation with your GP prior to starting any medicine available on this website.

Is there a minimum order size?

The minimum order size is 100 packages.

You require payment in advance?

Yes, we require payment before we can ship any orders.

Kamagra_Oral_Jelly 13/03/2017

Kamagra Jelly – new easy snap pack

Kamagra Oral Jelly have new packaging.It is called “New easy snap pack” and it was really good idea. If the packaging does not look like this it’s probably a fake. The only difference may be in color box. Because contains another flavors. .  


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